The purchase process is fairly simple, pick out the puppy you would like to purchase. Click here to see what puppies are available. To get an idea of what types of puppies we have produceed click here for Litter I, Males or Females and here for Litter II Males or Females

Once you have decided on your pup contact us at Puppies@kinsonia.com

Please include your Name, a good e-mail address and a telephone number. If you have a preference as to how we should contact you please note that as well. Tell us which puppy you are intrested in. Or if you are not sure let us know what you are looking for in a Golden Retriever. Our pups come in three colors, Dark Golden, Golden and Light Golden. Our Dam is a Golden with our Sire being a Dark Golden. None of our pups have shown long flowing feathering however there coates run from very course like the Ssire has to more of a silky shorter coat. Mac is one of the pups from Litter I he is Dark Golden with a very soft silky coat.

Tell us how much room you have for the dog because the pups come in differnat sizes. Smaller size mostly female is 22 inches at the shoulder and 65 to 85 pounds. Larger sized 24 to 26 inches at the shoulder mostly male and 100 to 120 pounds. I say mostly because we have had large females and small males however the majority smaller female and larger male.

Like people Goldens have differant personalities. These are driven somtimes by the size of the litter and how the hierarchie of the litter works itself out. Some are dominante others as less dominante. Out of the 26 Goldens I have been around I haven't found one yet that when one on one with a human it is the dog that has the bad attitude.

We keep the pups indoors from birth to 8 or 9 weeks. They are then moved to a varity of differnat sized pins. We will bring in one or two pups every day and will start them on being paper trainined and house broken. We usually can have them house broken by 14 weeks depending on the size of the litter. Accidents will happen however it is not in a dogs nature to process bodily functions where they eat and sleep so as long as you pay close attention to the dogs behavior you can tell when it is time to let them out to do there business.

To make a purchse we accept cash or if you are from the local Kansas City area we will accept checks. We also accept cashiers checks but we have found that if you have access to an e-mail account we can use PayPal to make the financial transaction. We prefer this method but are willing to work with you on getting the payments processed.

Shippment of the puppies is accomplished via commercial air. We prefer the dogs be shipped COD and payment for the shipping charges will be required when you pick them up at th teh airport. We will coordinate the flights for you unless you wish to do it yourself in which case we will ensure the puppy is at the carrier of your choice at the time you require. We have found that if we schedule the flights it usally works better but it is your choice.

In most cases this will be a fairly rough trip. The dogs will be in a kennel for up to 12 hours depending on where they are being shipped. Outside temperatures will also effect whether a dog will be shipped ontime. We will be in close contact with you when we ship the dog. Flights are delayed as well as cancelled so please be prepared to pick up your puppy when they arrive. They are usually a little messy from the travel so don't be shocked if you find matted fur and a bit of an unpleasent oder upon arrival. It is important that you take the puppy to your vet as soon as possible after they arrive. Travel is stressful for the pup, thin and bloddy stolls are not uncommon. This will usually clear up within 48 to 72 hours and your puppy will have more energy and be a little more pleasent to be around.

You can also find our ads at www.TerrifficPets.com when we have puppies available.